RDX W1 Women Sweat Shorts

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Color: Black
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Turn up the heat, not the excuses, with the RDX Sauna Range 2.0 Women's Sweat Shorts. Crafted with eco-conscious materials and adhering to strict European standards, these shorts are your passport to efficient workouts and sculpted legs. Experience the revolutionary Heat Suit™ Tech featuring a special blue lining in the Instant Sweat™ Fabric, and amplify your perspiration by a scorching 5x. Move freely, stay safe, and conquer any challenge, from brisk walks to fiery HIIT sessions.

  • Eco-champion design (REACH OEKO-TEX 100!) meets European standards for worry-free workouts, both for you and the planet.
  • Heat Suit™ Tech ignites your inner furnace 5x, boosting sweat production for faster results and accelerated calorie burn.
  • Form-fitting and flexible fabric blend moves with you, not against you, ensuring peak performance in every exercise.
  • Light-reflective back stripes keep you visible during early morning or late-night runs, adding an extra layer of safety.
  • High-rise design with two handy side pockets combines comfort and convenience, letting you focus on your form.
  • Ultralight fabric and seamless stitching minimize friction and irritation, for distraction-free freedom of movement.
  • From casual strolls to intense training sessions, these versatile shorts adapt to your every pursuit.
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          Color: Black
          Size: S


          What are sweat shorts?

          Sweat shorts are comfortable athletic shorts designed for a wide range of workouts, offering flexibility, breathability, accelerated weight loss, and unbeatable style.

          Can I wear sweat shorts for workouts?

          Yes, absolutely. These are tailored for a wide range of workouts, ensuring comfort and performance.

          Do sweat shorts come in various lengths and styles?

          Yes, we offer various lengths to suit different size preferences.

          What materials are commonly used in them for comfort?

          Some of the commonly used materials are cotton, Spandex, Nylon, and Bamboo. RDX Sweat Shorts are a mixture of polyester (92%) and spandex (8%). We use OEKO-TEX 100 certified and REACH-compliant lightweight, stretchable, and skin-friendly materials for optimal comfort during workouts.

          How should I care for and clean sweat shorts?

          You can hand wash them with mild detergent in cold water. Don’t use harsh detergent or washing material. Air dry to preserve quality, and avoid fabric softeners or direct sunlight to ensure longevity.

          What size should I buy for the best fit?

          Refer to the sizing guide provided to select the perfect fit for your body.

          Are these shorts designed for a specific activity?

          RDX Sweat Shorts are suitable for a wide range of activities, catering to both athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

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