Who dares challenge?
It is one thing to make it about competition and another, to make it about ego. Strike fear into your opponents hearts by showing off your awesome power. When you train using our twin layered heavy bags, you are bound to build some serious punching prowess simply because they dont break, tear or sag. Comes with rust proof chains and a pair of gloves too. Now how about that?

Long story short If the competition is not coming to us we will just have to take it to them.

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1. Maya Hide Leather

Exclusive twinned layer Maya Hide leather built Zero Impact G-Core punch bag

2. Stainless Steal Chain

Incorporate free professional bag gloves and Chrome steel made chains swivel

3. Zippex Closure

Include heavy-duty Zippex closure at top to ensure maximum fill

4. Double Stitched Textile

Double stitched textile-filled punch bag comes two sizes 20-24kg(5ft) and 16-20kg(4ft)

5. TLF Architecture

Swing reducing TLF architecture at the base of the punch bag

6. SpongeX PADDING

Provides added resistance when met with high-intensity force

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RDX F7 Ego Punch Bag with Gloves set

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Demo Punch Bag

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RDX X1 Punch Bag & Bag Gloves

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