Where is the competition at? We are looking for you. Because when it comes to high quality fitness and fight gear, we make it all about the Ego. That is right, we are looking for MMA gloves that could come within an iota of quality compared to ours. Maya Hide synthetic leather may as well replace all authentic leather of the world simply because they are immortally durable, and well, you can barely tell the difference apart. What really matters though, is the shock absorbent center that is slab packed with hitech Infused Shock Dispersion sheet and Supremo Shock Equilibrium Foam. This means you can switch between bone crunching grip for grappling and sense shattering punches for striking with full confidence.

The quality alone should keep you coming back but what is even better than that, is the pricing. We are beating the competition on all fronts! We ask again: Where is the Competition at?

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Machine made interior polygonal curvature mold aligns itself in between the padding for heavy shock absorption


Technologically advanced Equilibrium Sheet absorbs the blunt of impact, distributing force equally across the product

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